How to Be Your Real Self?

Fall for those parts of yourself you find harder to love.

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Self-Love Coach

Hi! I'm Eloah! I am here to help you  reveal the magic in your life!

For over 30 years, I have lived and learned from the directions and techniques I am sharing here with you. I am also my best customer! I have lived through intense experiences that challenged me and that required me to refine the skills to connect and communicate with myself and others, across cultures, ages, financial and social status, and a wide array of life circumstances in 4 different continents!

Everything I'm about to share with you was test-proofed by me, and I sincerely believe that if I could do it – to let go of guilt, shame, and self-criticism and feel a deep sense of connection and belonging to myself and to the world – you can do it, too.

My life has been a living laboratory where I have committed to identify most problems we humans go through, and one by one accepted, digested, and transformed them, crafting the healing onto stories and exercises to pass on the learning with lightness and joy to you!

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Self-Acceptance and Love


Unlocking Courage



Her work approached my essence in such a powerful way it was like two poles of a magnet coming close together. It was beautiful! After our one session, I wrote texts that I published and staged as an actress. I regained confidence on stage and 4 years later I am still baring the fruits of that process! I own my voice. much more!

- Marcia Ferreira, Singer, Actress, Eurythmy Teacher, and Conference Organizer, Worldwide.

I was very sad and disillusioned, bordering on depression. The week with Eloah gave me the strength to start over and a window of endless possibilities opened! I doubted at first if and her partner and her would be able to coordinate such a large group of 60 participants from all over the world! They were able to do this in such an organic way, bringing out the talent of the participants!

- Gabriel Vasconcellos, Artist and Founder of @falapalavras, Brazil.

I felt shy and not so sure about performing, specially because we had another teacher who was almost an actor, extroverted and very complex in his ways. Eloah's presence calmed my nerves. Her way is subtle and at the same time powerful. Watching her I realized I could just be myselfShe was sincere and profound, I was able to find that within myself as well.

- Kiana Maldonado, Social Dynamics and Environmental Educator, Mexico.

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